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Dear Friday, So now that it has just barely begun feeling like fall, I’m already ready for winter. It’s crazy how quickly I can go from loving what is here to anticipating what is next. However, can you blame me when Ralph Lauren does things like focus his fall campaign on the winter wonderland of…

Friday Fashion (9)

Friday Fashion (9) | lovely letters

Dear Friday, Can we agree that most things drawing inspiration from the 1950’s are stunning and classic? Now can we just admit that anything resembling or inspired by Marilyn Monroe automatically wins? K great. Max Mara’s 2015 pre-fall line is simply perfection. The press release eloquently explains that the inspiration for this line came from the pictures…

Friday Fashion (8)

Fashion Friday (7) | lovely letters

{image} Dear Friday, I am, and maybe always have been, in a serious 50’s glamour mood. I want full skirts and red lips and a hat for every outfit just like the classic beauties from what seems to be my spirit-animal-of-a-decade. However, it took quite the style roller coaster to get me here. When I…

Friday Fashion (7)

Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters

Dear Friday, Well this week was a doozy. Things weren’t necessarily difficult, but quite the storm hit here in the Bay Area. No it’s not freezing. It’s not snowing or hailing or thundering. It’s just raining. Granted it’s

Friday Fashion (6)

Friday Fashion (6) | lovely letters

Dear Friday, Today I’m off to Portland. I’m so excited!! I really have no idea what’s in store, but I recently stumbled upon a local Portland label called Bridge & Burn so the stars are obviously aligning. The brand has been around since 2009 and is perfectly 

Friday Fashion (5)

Friday Fashion (5) | lovely letters

{image} Dear Friday, Let me tell you about the designer I would spend the rest of my life in if I had the chance… Ulyana Sergeenko. I’m sure you’ve seen her perfectly tailored, feminine pieces roaming the red carpet on ladies such as

Friday Fashion (4)

Friday Fashion (4) | lovely letters

{image via Ann Street Studio} Dear Friday, During my daily jaunt around the web, particularly during my pit stop at Ann Street Studio, I was introduced to Nicole and Matthew Mellon. Thank goodness for Ann because now I’m drooling over

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Madewell + Sézane | lovely letters

Dear Friday, Unintentionally, this week’s theme has been brand partnerships. For some reason, I became aware of company crushes that led to beautiful consumer goods all at once and had no choice but to make sure you knew too. Obviously first was the mashup of Sugar Paper LA and Target. Everyone is thrilled. And now,…

Friday Fashion (2)

Friday Fashion (2) | lovely letters

Alice in Wonderland costume perfection Dear Friday, Halloween is right around the corner and unfortunately I won’t be dressing up this year because I’ll be leaving the country and all… I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love dressing up. LOVE IT! Last year