2016 Holiday Cards

Holiday Card

Dear Friend,

To say it’s been a long time is a serious understatement.

Life has taken off and I can barely keep up! I married my leading man back in April, we then immediately left for our honeymoon, got back and moved out of the city and into the country in June, my guy started his own company shortly after, and today we close on our first home. Whew!

With all of the life changes and milestones achieved, my attention has been scattered. However, I’m back today to share some holiday card designs with you! They are all available in my Etsy shop for you to customize and share with friends and family galore!

You can also take a look at last year’s card designs and also some free printable tags.

What have you been up to recently? Any life milestones you’ve checked off your list?

xx Katie

Holiday CardHoliday Card Print

Holiday Card

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