To Party Dress or Not to Party Dress…



Dear Friend,

That is the question.

As our wedding gets closer (45 days!), my world is getting increasingly blurry. Days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and before I know it I’m planning the littlest of details, like throw pillows. Who knew throw pillows would be a thing!?

Despite the blur, these details are my favorite because they’re details I’m used to. Venue choosing was rough because I’ve never looked through venues before, but throw pillows… I know throw pillows.

Similarly, I’m now coming up against a decision for an outfit change.

I NEVER thought I would consider an outfit change and now that I know what my dress looks like I’m even more shocked that an outfit change is even on the table. I love my dress and continuously tell people it’s something I could wear every day – totally normal.

That being said, we are among the lucky few who found a venue that fits everyone we could imagine and doesn’t have sound restrictions or time cutoffs. This means we will be celebrating all night long with roughly 300 of the best. I can imagine that around 12:30am I’m going to be wishing I hadn’t dragged my stunning dress around with me all night long simply for preservation sake.

Enter, the party dress.

I have become more and more aware of brides who change out of their wedding dresses and opt for a more movement-friendly frock for the later hours of the reception. My future sister-in-law changed almost immediately out of her gown because the stunning train of her dress would have been at risk if she hadn’t. Style blogger of Memorandum, Mary Orton also had a “dancing dress” waiting in the wings at her wedding and she was thrilled to have a backup.

So here I am in love with my dress and wondering if I should have a backup. Am I cheating on my dress by looking at others? Am I being prepared in case I need it? I can’t tell. All I know is that these are some of the dresses that are tempting me.


xx Katie

Deco Scales

Sleek Gold

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  1. THE ULTIMATE DEBACLE! lol Your dress IS amazing but I can totally see you doing some “once the clock stoked midnight” change up! I’m sure you can guess which one of the dresses above is my favorite per vous…

  2. #4, #3 or wear your wedding dress the whole time (you won’t jump into it too many other times), or don your “going away” outfit (dress?) or go Hawaiian in preparation for your honeymoon (the most fun and comfortable). Whatever you decide, you will do with your special style and it will be wonderful. Love, nama

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