Printable Holiday Tags


Dear Friend,

One day closer to Christmas!

If you’re anything like me this means that you are knee deep in wrapping and maybe looking for a little help.


Never fear! I’ve put together some holiday tags to ease the wrapping woes. These little guys are available in three variations… classic, vintage, and kraft. Something for everyone!

Each of the three styles is best suited for a particular color of paper, but that detail is really up to you! Nonetheless, pure white will go best with the classic tags, cream paper will complement the vintage tags nicely, and of course kraft paper is meant for the kraft tags.

Beyond paper colors, click the links above, feed your printer with the thickest card stock it can handle, and have at it!

Happy wrapping!

xx Katie




Please note: for personal use only. If you’d like to repost, please just link back to this original post and not to the downloadable link. Thanks so much!

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