Full Blown Center of Attention


btw that’s my ring finger in case you might have been confused…

Dear Friend,

Oh my word. I thought I loved being the center of attention, but I had no idea what that really meant until last Saturday.

The engagement photos.

It was so much fun! I learned very quickly that being the center of attention is trumped when your love and joy and excitement are the center of attention! People stop and watch and tell you how great you are together or how epic your kiss was. All of the good things.

Anyways, last Saturday my leading man and I bopped on down to Santa Cruz to meet up with our amazing wedding photographer, Melissa. We climbed around at the Felton covered bridge then got a little more done up for the boardwalk and then broke it all down in all denim for what we thought would be our blooper reel but what ended up being some of our favorite photos.

I recently posted a sign I did for a wedding on Instagram that said, “What is done in love is done well.” I would like to add to that…

What is done in love and in front of a camera in public is done extra well!

Here are some of my favorites.


How did your engagement photos go? Are you camera shy or camera happy?

Felton Covered Bridge


Santa Cruz Boardwalk

2T4A1193 2T4A11832T4A12102T4A1226 2T4A1255

want some?


fine I’ll eat it…


he broke a plate!

2T4A14152T4A14172T4A14262T4A1461 2T4A1499



photos: Melissa Fuller Photography

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