Friday Fashion (7)

Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters

Dear Friday, Well this week was a doozy. Things weren’t necessarily difficult, but quite the storm hit here in the Bay Area. No it’s not freezing. It’s not snowing or hailing or thundering. It’s just raining. Granted it’s

Pretty Paper

Christmas Cards 2014 | lovely letters

Dear Friend, I’m sure that you are completely done with your holiday shopping. I know that you are because you planned ahead and snatched up unique gifts as you found them. What a friend you are! Wrapping and cards, however,

Friday Fashion (6)

Friday Fashion (6) | lovely letters

Dear Friday, Today I’m off to Portland. I’m so excited!! I really have no idea what’s in store, but I recently stumbled upon a local Portland label called Bridge & Burn so the stars are obviously aligning. The brand has been around since 2009 and is perfectly 

Dear December

Dear December | lovely letters

Dear December, I know I say this maybe too much, but oh my word last month flew by! November is already over!? How did that happen!? Where was I!? I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely because mine sure was. Not only did I have an incredible Thanksgiving meal but I also finished some Christmas shopping…