Welcome Back Kate!

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Dear Friend, Hello polka dot heaven. Some background: for a few months the Kate Spade store in the Westfield mall on Market Street has been closed. There were signs letting everyone know that they were just getting a facelift and would be back soon, but soon never seems soon enough. The invitation:

Long Flight Lounging

Dear Auckland, I am so ready to see you again!! Unfortunately, an awfully long flight must happen first. In mental preparation for the flight I am visualizing. Visualizing my comfortable clothes. Visualizing a well packed carry-on. Visualizing 13 straight hours of sleep. Here’s hoping! My absolute “musts” for any long flight include:



Dear Friend, If ever there was a magazine that I encouraged you to read, it would be Darling Magazine. If you haven’t heard of it before, I so strongly urge you to look into it. This magazine’s sole purpose (and its soul purpose actually) is to navigate the art of being a woman. The magazine is…



{photo via Beach Crab Photography} Dear Friend, There are few things I love more than mail, but put me in a room with greeting cards, cocktails, and the cutest group of blogging ladies and I will be so overwhelmed with excitement that it almost paralyzes me (see photos below – totally in shock).    flushed…

Dear August

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Dear August, I realize you are well on your way, and I am just doing my best to keep up at this point. No one knows how I missed welcoming you in on time, but that happened and we’ve moved on. The amount of down time I had available in July is directly proportional to the amount…