Dear Monday


Dear Monday, I do not feel like cheers-ing you. I know it’s not your fault. I know you are just doing your job like the rest of us. I know you didn’t pick to be the first day of the work week, and maybe

Monday again

Monday again

{image from Pinterest, shocker, but if anyone knows who put this gem together PLEASE let me know} Dear Friend, That’s me up there (not really but that’s how I felt this morning). Anyways… happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend and have a full, productive week ahead of you. For any downtime you…

Big Ball of Love


  Dear Friend, Lately I have been a big ball of love. Hopefully I’m always a big ball of love but it just seems to be much more apparent recently. As such it seems only fitting that I would be drawn to

Fit for a Farm

Dear Friend, I know you’ve been wondering what I would wear on the farm I mentioned here. Would I become so involved in my new outdoor activity that I would lose all interest in fashion? Would I revert to mom jeans and oversized t-shirts? While I’m sure

Leading Lady

Leading Lady

{image: james k lowe} Dear Ladies, Brace yourselves, this one’s a novel. I have recently read a number of articles about women feeling pressured. Here by Emily Schuman, of Cupcakes and Cashmere, on pressure to hit life milestones by prescribed ages. Here by Zosia Mamet, from Girls, on pressure to be successful. Here by Rosa Brooks, a law professor at…

Guess who’s back


Dear Friend, I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing from now on in any free time I find. Thank you Netflix for making incredible original series and for destroying all chances of a social life (first thank you was serious, second was sarcastic – sometimes it’s hard to tell). If you can’t guess, I’m…