70′s in Full Swing

Dear Friend,

If you read The Edit (and if you don’t you should look into it), you may or may not have noticed that this week’s edition is chock-full of 70′s inspired everything – flares, hats, shearling, suede, earth tones, and so much more. I find this to be the perfect “pre-fall” statement. Yes, this is yet another post about what I’m looking forward to wearing this fall.

Autumn means to me… heavy fabrics, knee-high boots, denim, thick gold, etc. I think we can all put these items into the 70′s category. However, I think we can also all agree that none of the above could have been an ideal match for summer weather. Right!? That sounds like one big sweaty mess to me. Maybe a peasant dress could manage as the summer go-to for a 70′s girl, but that feels limiting. As such, I tend to postpone any 70′s inspired outfits to chillier seasons.

So, back to The Edit. I completely adore this piece on the Victoria’s Secret Angel, Behati Prinsloo. This is what my 70′s daydreams look like! Makes me wish Indian summer wasn’t a thing in San Francisco/California as a whole, but I’ll survive.

How do you feel about 70′s inspired looks? Are you planning on donning some bell bottoms this autumn?

xx Katie




New Favorite Finds



Happy Monday Friend!

Nothing says “happy Monday” like a corgi puppy, am I right!?

I had a full weekend of last-minute adventures: spur-of-the-moment bowling, spontaneous drinks with friends, an impulsive trip to Point Reyes. SUCH fun. I also had a smidge of down time that allowed for some calligraphy practice, card design, and internet perusal. In this perusal, I managed to stumble upon some new faves and thought I would share.

Dasherie Magazine - for hearts that love letters (I think this one is a no brainer)


Oh So Lucky Studios – I’ve known this one was coming for a while but it is now officially here!!

homepage_slides 5

download product_hill and nathan rings

product_white shoe product_chandelier earrings


Tweedle Press – the sweetest letterpress studio dedicated to print + paper.


TweedlePress_Natasha+Jonathan_Wedding_0025 Tweedle-Press-Kristen+Wayne-0011

TweedlePress_Wedding_Signature_Alchemy_07_1 TweedlePress_Heather + Rob_Wedding_009

What were you up to this past weekend? Has anything new caught your eye and inspired you?

xx Katie



Dear Oakland



Dear Oakland,

I’m sorry I underestimated you. I’ve been hearing good things about you for a while now and only recently set out to see for myself.

Last weekend, I visited the Grand Lake Farmers Market. Holy heaven and happy produce. Everything was beautiful and yummy and fresh and local. (If you didn’t know, peaches are in season. You should get yourself to a farmers market ASAP and get some samples.)

Photo Jul 12, 9 48 37 AM Photo Jul 12, 10 13 40 AM

Photo Jul 12, 10 27 59 AM (1) Photo Jul 12, 10 28 03 AM

Photo Jul 12, 10 30 28 AM Photo Jul 12, 10 40 39 AM

Photo Jul 12, 10 28 11 AM Photo Jul 12, 10 32 09 AM

The one thing I felt let down about was the lack of coffee booth options at the market itself. However, I later found this to be a blessing in disguise because I had to venture down Grand Ave. to find a latte. Grand Ave. has SO much to offer:

  • The hippest coffee shop I ever did see.

Photo Jul 12, 10 07 00 AM Photo Jul 12, 10 05 20 AM

  • Camino, a restaurant I’m dying to get back to.

Photo Jul 12, 11 13 46 AM

  • Alchemy, a one stop shop for everything to outfit your stylish bar cart.

Photo Jul 12, 10 08 58 AM (1) Photo Jul 14, 9 06 21 PM

Photo Jul 14, 9 10 46 PM Photo Jul 14, 9 13 25 PM

Photo Jul 14, 9 14 23 PM Photo Jul 14, 9 15 02 PM

Photo Jul 14, 9 16 35 PM Photo Jul 14, 9 08 24 PM

So, thank you Oakland for a beautiful Saturday morning. I can’t wait to see you again soon!

Have you explored the East Bay at all? What are your favorite East Bay activities?

xx Katie

In Real Life

image (7)

 {with Sarah of Snixy Kitchen, Chelsea of Ginger Side of Life, Carla of Alyssa & Carla, and Kelly of A Side of Sweet}

Dear Friend,

Prior to starting this blog I had very little presence online. Basically none at all. As such, everything in my life was in real life (IRL). I didn’t realize that there could be another way.

Thanks to Lovely Letters, however, I now understand virtual reality. I very frequently scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I like and comment on anything and everything that I can relate to, have seen before, think is hilarious, and on and on. Because there are so many lovely bloggers out there, I have also done everything I can to foster relationships. This is really one of my main reasons for blogging, and it plays out in my day-to-day life as a social media addiction. Needless to say all of these relationships have been purely initiated and maintained thus far online.

Last Friday everything changed. Thanks to Blog Party and Social Print Studio, I had my first IRL situation. I GOT TO MEET LOCAL SF BLOGGERS IN PERSON! To say I was thrilled is putting it lightly especially because I got to meet Kelly of A Side of Sweet and Sarah of Snixy Kitchen, whom I have been following and blatantly spamming with comments for months now. Plus new friends and new blogs to follow… yes please!

Jamie of J for Jamie hosted this fête at Social Print Studio, the workspace filled with the creative minds behind Printstagram and Print Studio. We ate, drank, chatted, photographed, passed out business cards, and shamelessly posted on all varieties of social media. I was in the loveliest of company and no one batted an eyelash over the fact that I held my phone the whole time. Here is a glimpse of all the party people and who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet you at the next event!

xx Katie

lovely loetters + fab in lombardia

{with Jessica of Fab in Lombardia}

image (8) image (9)

{Social Print Studio lounge space and the most critical aspect of the business – a paper mache head of co-founder George}

{the lovely photos below are courtesy of Simone Anne Lang of We Are Adventure.us}

SimoneAnne-3399 SimoneAnne-3423

{copious amounts of taxidermy throughout Social Print Studio and snazzy lemonade}


{the real drinks}

SimoneAnne-3517 SimoneAnne-3403

{a Blog Party Sponsor raffle – which I won! (200 business cards from lilikoi) and the sponsored goody boxes}


{I’m obviously a painfully photogenic and incredibly gracious winner}


{with Chelsea of Ginger Side of Life and Carla of Alyssa & Carla}


{my natural state of being – bag thrown on the floor}

Blog Party

{the whole lovely group}


{social media addiction}

A Severe Understatement

Tory fitbit 2

Hey Friend!!

To say that I have anxiously been awaiting this day is an understatement. A severe understatement.

Let me back up. In January, the small consulting company I work for gave all sixteen of us employees a fitbit. The intent was to give everyone something to connect us (we’re a “virtual” company – double emphasis because the virtual is in quotes) and to throw in a little healthy competition – literally.

I was thrilled. I’ll take free stuff any time. I will also take on a challenge any day. So many good things going on here. The little tracker would tell me everything I never wanted to know about how many steps I take in a day, the subsequent calories I burn, and so on. So far totally on board.

Then I saw them (the trackers). Not appealing. I had seen the Nike version of this whole fad roaming around the office. To put it lightly, these jelly wrist bands are not attractive.Yes they look sporty and yes they’ve started coming out in some fun colors, but black silicon wrist blobs don’t exactly go with my daily array of delicate gold, silk chiffon, patent leather and what have you.

Not until today.

Thank you, yet again, Tory for fixing everything. Today Tory Burch for fitbit was released (mostly for pre-order) and I will take one of those gold hinged bracelets, thank you very much. I can now get fit in style.

How do you track your health goal progress? Are you using fitbit too?

xx Katie

Tory fitbit

 Tory fitbit 5

Tory fitbit 4

{all images via fitbit}