Welcome Back Kate!

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Dear Friend,

Hello polka dot heaven.

Some background: for a few months the Kate Spade store in the Westfield mall on Market Street has been closed. There were signs letting everyone know that they were just getting a facelift and would be back soon, but soon never seems soon enough.

The invitation: There are few things I love more than being invited places. This happens so rarely. Not because I have no life, which is debatable, but mostly because invitations are unfortunately not a real thing anymore. Invitations are such unicorns these days that I take them to be quite the compliment. I will even be flattered by e-vites. Lo and behold, last week I received an email from Kate letting me know in the subject line – “you’re invited…” What a hook!

Fast forward to last night: I can honestly say that this was one of the first times that being on a company’s email list really, really paid off. Party dresses, shiny stilettos, fall purses, sparkling lemonade, macaroons, and my favorite SF bloggers – such a fabulous way to spend a Thursday night. PLUS I met two bloggers (Lauren of live happy inspired and Em of The Refined Woman), whose sites were very instrumental in the process of getting Lovely Letters started. Yes, I freaked them out with my reaction to their presence but they handled it like the graceful women they are.

And so, I’d just like to say, “Welcome back, Kate! You were sorely missed, but your comeback party was a treat.”

xx Katie


with Annie and Kelly

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Thanks to Lauren’s incredible skillz, we have that great aerial shot.

photo (1)

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Kelly’s incredible ring collection and fresh manicure.

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Annie with the perfect clutch for her perfect outfit.

Long Flight Lounging

long flight lounging

Dear Auckland,

I am so ready to see you again!! Unfortunately, an awfully long flight must happen first. In mental preparation for the flight I am visualizing. Visualizing my comfortable clothes. Visualizing a well packed carry-on. Visualizing 13 straight hours of sleep. Here’s hoping!

My absolute “musts” for any long flight include:

  • A huge sweater that might as well be a blanket. Anytime blankets are disguised as clothes I buy them. What a great concept.
  • A similarly large t-shirt. Something about pressurized, re-circulated air and serious altitude makes me swell so I can’t handle anything fitted.
  • To completely contradict my last statement…. leggings. I am going to argue that the amount of stretch in these bad boys allows for the most extreme swelling and as such they are less “fitted” and are more “you’d-never-know-you-were-even-wearing-pants.”
  • TOMS, obviously.
  • Flashy headphones that not only look great but also have great sound quality.
  • Glasses because no one wants to deal with contacts for 13 hours in re-circulated air.
  • And a stylish yet practical carry-all organized/jam-packed with magazines, a travel wallet filled with all necessary documents, a water bottle, and whatever electronics make sense.

For as much as I’m setting myself up for optimal comfort and sleep potential, more likely than not I’ll be so excited to have my own tv complete with new releases that it won’t even occur to me to nod off. Sorry in advance for what ever mood I’m in when I get there. See you soon!

Do you have any long flight life savers that I should invest in? 

xx Katie


Dear Friend,

If ever there was a magazine that I encouraged you to read, it would be Darling Magazine. If you haven’t heard of it before, I so strongly urge you to look into it. This magazine’s sole purpose (and its soul purpose actually) is to navigate the art of being a woman.

The magazine is published quarterly and is filled with intentional articles aimed at building women up in a realistic and hopeful way. Each issue is broken up by “personas” (i.e. Dreamer, Hostess, Confidant, Stylist, etc.), which shape the content and connect to a variety of pieces that make up every woman’s identity. I almost entirely identify with the “Achiever,” but when I read articles and DIYs and stories from the “Dreamer” and the “Intellectual” I am reminded that I have many dimensions. I am constantly grounded by the meaningful topics and the tender community that come with my subscription.

This magazine is working to start a dialogue with women, to challenge what we know about societal expectations, and to pave the way for a more darling future.

With all that said, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let you know that the Darling team is considering re-printing their first issue. Selfishly, I would like to have one, but beyond that if you are looking to question what you know about the “modern mold of woman,” then this first issue might be a good place to start.

xx Katie



{photo via Beach Crab Photography}

Dear Friend,

There are few things I love more than mail, but put me in a room with greeting cards, cocktails, and the cutest group of blogging ladies and I will be so overwhelmed with excitement that it almost paralyzes me (see photos below – totally in shock).

IMG_5333 IMG_5293 IMG_5188

flushed with joy | focused to the point of antisocial | no one know what that face is

{photos via Beach Crab Photography}


Despite the crazy faces, last Thursday I had the great joy of attending a happy hour dedicated purely to mail. Thanks to Bobbie of Even If Nobody Reads This my life was pure bliss for the evening. Bobbie perfectly curated such a beautiful variety of greeting cards from Rock Scissor PaperJulie Ann ArtPennie PostMint Chip Inkb-spiredInk and Smog EditionsEgg Press and Hello Lucky (talk about a stacked lineup) and also served us prosecco infused with heaven, which is code for I don’t remember what was in it but it tasted great. I can’t adequately express how much perfection was jammed into these three hours.

For as much as I loved the cards and the booze and the stickers, I was most thrilled about the girl time. Girl time is so hard to come by! Even after two years in this lovely city, finding girl time (let alone girl friends) is tough. So Bobbie, thank you. Thank you thank you for imagining such a lovely evening and for bringing it to life so flawlessly!

Have you been to any particularly perfect happy hours lately? 

xx Katie

image (13) image (14)

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image (16) image (17)

Can you guess what that perpetual calendar is? If you guessed a raffle prize that I won, you’re right!

{following photos thanks to  Beach Crab Photography}


Pooja Dang, Jamaica Stevens (the venue hostess), and Bobbie

IMG_5082 IMG_5330


The cutest new San Franciscan around (Annie of MontgomeryFest)


Dear August

Dear August,

I realize you are well on your way, and I am just doing my best to keep up at this point. No one knows how I missed welcoming you in on time, but that happened and we’ve moved on.

The amount of down time I had available in July is directly proportional to the amount of scheduled activities I have this month. It hopefully goes without saying that I’d rather be busy than bored (this is my go to cliché line when someone comments on being busy), but recently it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day!

First there was the Alameda flea market, where I, for some unknown reason, decided to pass on purchasing the cutest little letterpress ever.

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