Friday Fashion (2)

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland costume perfection

Dear Friday,

Halloween is right around the corner and unfortunately I won’t be dressing up this year because I’ll be leaving the country and all

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love dressing up. LOVE IT! Last year I dressed as Katy Perry, the year before I did jazzercise proud, and before that there was Minnie Mouse.

This year if I was dressing up, I would be leaning towards anything resembling a Vogue photo shoot. Anything dramatic, romantic, or from a recognizable time period is always a winner in my book. So it should come as no surprise that I’m drawn to The Great Gatsby, Marie Antoinette, and of course Grace Kelly.

Here are some beautifully styled photo shoots and signature outfits that are really getting me in the costume mood.

What are you dressing as this year?

xx Katie

gatsby 3 Gatsby 1 gatsby 4

marie antoinette 3

Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette 2

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grace kelly 2 grace kelly 3 grace kelly

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Friday Fashion (1)

Massimo Dutti | lovely letters

Dear Friday,

Because you start with an “f” and alliterations are maybe the best thing ever, it is only fitting that I dedicate weekly letters to you about fashion.

To start things off, I’d like to admit that maybe I’ve been under a rock or had my head burried in the sand, but I just recently discovered Massimo Dutti.

Hello classic cuts, neutral colors, timeless pieces, affordable prices, and beautiful models. This is everything I want in a clothing line.

Plus they have a motto to end all mottos:

“Luxurious simplicity is our hallmark.
Fashion does not explain, but merely evokes.”

I think that says it all. If you’re still not convinced, see photos below.

Are there any brands you’ve recently discovered? Any brands that are particularly in line with your personal style?

xx Katie

Massimo Dutti | lovely letters

0108005_1_1_10 Massimo Dutti | lovely letters

Massimo Dutti | lovely letters

Massimo Dutti | lovely letters Massimo Dutti | lovely letters

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On changing my mind

New home | lovely letters


Dear Friend,

Have you ever changed your mind?

I can only imagine you have because I think most people do. I change my mind constantly. I change my mind about what my favorite food is, what job is best for me, which purse is my favorite, what car I want, about so many things. All pretty frivolous but still changes.

To significantly overanalyze the constant changes, I’d say my style and personal tastes are evolving. I’d say that I’m taking in bits and pieces of my environment, sifting through the various parts, deciding what is “me” and what isn’t, and moving on from there. This process of evolving/changing my mind is pretty much always happening, just like constantly working to find balance. Most of it is very subtle, but still it’s there.

Then there are the big changes, the ones that everyone will notice. The kind of changes that people will be interested in and potentially question. These changes freak me out mostly because I’m scared of being wrong. Plus, a lot of times there isn’t exactly a right or wrong answer, making things all the more difficult.

To give you more context, today marks a huge change in my life. This afternoon I will sign a lease for a beautiful apartment with my leading man.

I have always, always been on the waiting side of the “when to move in with your respective person” argument. I argued that too many couples move in together because rent will be cheaper or because it will be easier to see each other or because they don’t really know what else to do. I have never wanted to be a financial decision or a convenience or something that just happened and so I’ve always argued against moving in before marriage.

I also had never been faced with the prospect of living with someone. I’ve been in relationships before, but nothing ever got to a point where moving in could have been brought up. So of course it was easy to argue against because it never sounded appealing.

So… that’s changed.

Without making this a ridiculous love letter, I’ll put it simply by saying that my leading man is blowing everyone out of the water. This is the first time that I’m on the same page as the man that I’m dating. He understands what “dating” means to me and it means the same thing to him. I’m absolutely not easing his finances (oops), I have never felt like more of a priority/couldn’t be further from a convenience, and we both know what the end point of this equation is. So there go all of my previous arguments.

What do you do when your arguments are gone? What happens when all of the things you thought would be issues, aren’t?

In my case, you talk it out. Big time. You do not let things lie, and you beat that poor, dead horse. And then you evolve. I consider this growing. I took in the bits and pieces of my environment, realized this was a “me” choice, and I took a risk by substantially changing my mind. Maybe I haven’t grown yet, but I’m ready to learn. And while I’m sure I’ll learn a crazy amount about my leading man and about myself as the individuals we are, I’m most excited to learn about who we are together in this new setting.

So, Friend, I’ll send you off with some of our home inspirations… our “together” style. I can’t wait!

Did you move in before you were married? Did you wait until after your big day to make that big move? Any particularly noteworthy learning curves that came with your big move?

xx Katie

house 1

house 4 house 3

house 2

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I’ll take grey any day

I'll take grey any day | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

There is something about grey that will never get old for me.

I love grey weather. I love grey home goods. And most of all I love grey clothes.

As you might be aware, I am very fair skinned and as such I tend to shy away from black ensembles because the color looks a little too harsh on me. It’s overpowering and feels much too formal for day-to-day wear. For black alternatives, I mostly turn to navy and greys, which are softer but have the same classic feel of an all black outfit.

The weather has FINALLY cooled off here in San Francisco, at least for the time being, and this of course means grey has taken over. Karl the Fog is in fine form, and I feel the need to dress to match.

As if I didn’t already have enough grey in my closet, I recently did a tour through Banana Republic and Marissa Webb’s new direction for the brand… to put it simply, is covered in grey. It’s ideal. Ideal for feeding my grey habit but less ideal for my wallet. C’est la vie.

Here are some of my favorite grey on grey looks.

Do you have a go-to color in your wardrobe?

xx Katie

I'll take grey any day | lovely letters I'll take grey any day | lovely letters

I'll take grey any day | lovely letters I'll take grey any day | lovely letters

I'll take grey any day | lovely letters I'll take grey any day | lovely letters

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Dear Auckland (bunch 3)

Auckland Zoo | lovely letters

Dear Auckland,

I love a zoo.

You have a GREAT zoo.

As such, things went really well when the sun finally came out and we got to go on a zoo field trip. For the majority of the day, Continue reading